Welcome, 2018!


So, I’m a day late with this, but here’s a quick New Year’s blog….

I had a conversation with a dear friend yesterday, during which we acknowledged that it was good to turn the page on 2017 and start looking forward to a better 2018. But then I thought, we shouldn’t put pressure on the new year to be anything special or different—it’s just a year like any other, sure to have its ins and outs, ups and downs. You be you, 2018.

We all have as much control over the status of the new year—good or bad—as we have over anything. That is to say, we have little control. (I need this reminder often.)

BUT—we do have control over how we respond to everything that 2018 holds. And we also have control over how we greet each day of this new year.

So, right now, I’m setting a goal for myself to awake each day with gratefulness that I have another day on this earth, despite any challenges the day might present. And I’m pledging to find some way to spread hope and encouragement on each day. Maybe that’s a quick text to a friend who’s struggling. Maybe it’s a word of thanks for a kind deed or kudos for a job well done. Maybe it’s a smile to a complete stranger or the gift of charity to someone in need. And maybe it’s the gift of grace for myself if I stumble and give way to negativity, fear, or frustration.

Who wants to join me in this endeavor?

Bring on 2018.

One thought on “Welcome, 2018!

  1. Carole, I love your spirit and attitude to live one day at a time in 2018 with thanksgiving for each day regardless of any challenges in that day. Your desire to be a blessing to others each day is awesome.

    When people asked me “how are you doing?” I try to respond with “well I woke up this morning and that’s always encouraging” regardless of what I am facing for that particular day.

    So I will join you in making the most of each day in 2018 with joy and thanksgiving for it and with a desire with God‘s strength and peace to be a blessing to someone else each day.

    Peace and joy to you ( even though I’m fighting a bad sinus infection today) I did wake up this morning and that is always encouraging. Have a blessed day.


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